Привет товарищ,
This time, little го́пник, I will present you my robotic project: Make a vacuum cleaner bot (from scratch) using an raspberry-pi platform.

Why this kind of robot?

I often get asked that question.
I would say that first it is to answer to a need of utility: a robot that works is good but a robot that does something useful is better. It's also an interesting challenge.


Keep It Simple Stupid:

  1. I will take inspiration from what already exists: it's the simplest and most effective method I know.
  2. List the available equipment: Indeed my stuff isn't very advanced for this project, I will have to be smart and able to adapt.
  3. Establish a realistic specification: Due to the constraints mentioned above I will not be able to make a robot as badass as iron man's armor.

Benchmarking: Take inspiration from what already exists

I've choose 3 models "types" of robot vacuum cleaner.

I chose these 3 just for the example.
I will roughly list the characteristics of each.


The main features of this robot are:

  • A round structure
  • An obstacle detection (walls and void)
  • Autonomy: about 1 hour
  • Tools: vacuum cleaner and side brush


The main features of this robot are:

  • A U-shaped structure
  • An obstacle detection (walls and void)
  • Mapping the room via LIDAR
  • Autonomy: about 2 hours
  • Tools: vacuum cleaner and side brush


The main features of this robot are:

  • A U-shaped structure
  • An obstacle detection (walls and void)
  • Mapping the room via camera
  • Autonomy: about 1h15h
  • Tools: vacuum cleaner and side brushes

Available tools

Currently I have a workshop and very limited set of tools.
It will take a little thought to arrive at a usable result.
The only machine tools I have is a 3D printer (a Micro Delta Rework from EmotionTech).
Regarding the "brain" of the robot I have only one Raspberry pi nano.

A valid project specification

Having in mind the constraints and missions that my robot will have to fulfill, I can establish a basic specification.

The robot must be able to:
  - Move independently
      - Moving forward
      - Turn
      - Avoid obstacles

- To transport and operate a set of tools
    - A vacuum system
    - A rotating brush

- Have a significant autonomy

Specifications is really very simplify, it's just to have a global idea.


Obviously this is not the most interesting part of the project to tell, but I also want to show the backstage behind this kind of project. Let people see that it does not require extraordinary abilities but only work and devotion.

In the next post I will discuss about the vacuum system.
I will show the complete evolution of this tool and the different prototypes I made.

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