Hello fellow reader,

Today I decided to publish about my project (again). I want to build a vacuum bot (like famous roomba). It's will be something OpenSource (3D plan and software code), mostly 3D printed and efficient as commercial one (at least).

Maybe one day I will try to sell it but for now let's explain how these serie will be organized.
There will be 3 mains parts:
- How I made dust separation system
- How I made autonomous moving
- How I made mechanical basis (everything else that isn't the dust separation system)

I started this project a while ago (around 1 year). As I am still a student I can't invest all the time (and money) I want into this project.
After long reflexion time and conversations with my friends, I decided to crowfund this project.

As I write these lines, I am currently on the 4th version of the prototype.
I will not details too much previous versions for 2 reasons:

- There is already 2 articles on this blog about the version 3 (I will let it on the blog for fun but I will not write more article about)

- Results of previous prototype aren't very demonstrative.

So, the 4 version is quite serious stuff.

So for this article a little bit of teasing before release of files

Stay tuned, I will try to update this blog often !

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