Hello fellow reader, today I will present you the dust separation system I setup on my vacuum cleaner bot.

This is the main part of the project. That's the part that took me the most time.

So without any futher teasing, let's show the beast !

As you can see it's pretty simple.
1. Airflow input from the radial input
2. Air and dust separate inside thanks to the cyclone
3. Air clean spring through central output of the system

The system is composed of 6 parts and it's full 3D printed.
Dimensions are 85 x 118 x 135mm.

You can see result of my test here

This time I improved quality test (glass tank) to see what's going inside !

Glass tank to see inside the dust filter
The part I will install on the bot

Stay tuned, I will try to update this blog often !

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